Rubiwin Carrier Solution

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Easy to use and very intuitive, our software solution offers all the features you need to easily manage your business.



Improve your collaborator’s daily work.


Better safe for audit & control than sorry.


Save at least 0,5 FTE every 25 drivers.


Analyse and take decision.

Discover the main features


Easy planning, HR alerts. Send individually and automatically to all your drivers their planning.

  • Plan quickly your drivers on your different activities.
  • Keep a history of your planning.
  • Send automatically and individually the planning to all your driver.
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HR management

All information you need to make your payslips available automatically and instantly.

  • The number of working days and working hours compilation by the driver.
  • HR status management (sick leave, paid leave, work accident…).
  • Overtime management.
  • Check and send your drivers daily recap.
  • Extract and send to your accountant or upload in a payroll software.
  • Digitalize and keep safe drivers documents.
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Quality and performance follow-up

Follow-up and history of driver’s performances. Quality management.

  • Follow and improve your driver’s productivity.
  • Compare your driver’s performances.
  • Analyze easily the non-quality reasons.
  • Implement an efficient action plan.
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Compare quickly your customer’s listing with your data (number of shipments, packages…).

  • Accelerate the whole invoicing process.
  • Invoice the total amount of your turnover.
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Financial, analysis

Turnover and gross margin follow-up.

History by customer, warehouse and city.

  • Manage your company with efficient financial KPIs.
  • Follow precisely your turnover and gross margin.
  • Compare your financial KPIs by period and activities.
  • Analyze and follow your economic dependence.
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