On-demand delivery
platform for carriers

Our value proposition

More business

You’ll have access to shipment offers from all of Redspher companies. Regional, national and international shipments are waiting for you.

Based on your specifications, you will be invited to bid on shipment offers. You have a vehicle available somewhere? Make sure your vehicle is never empty on the road. Wherever in Europe, you’ll find business through Rubiwin.

Save money & time

Money: we ‘ve negotiated partnerships for you. Rubiwin helps you reduce your expenses. Fuel, vehicles, insurance, maintenance, banking etc. On average, carries save 3.500€/ year with Rubiwin

Time: we have developped tools to support your activity. The Rubiwin carrier portal allows you to manage your fleet, bid on shipments offers and invoice in just a few clicks. Managing and growing your business has become a lot simpler thanks to Rubiwin.

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Rubiwin is the pitcrew for transport companies of all sizes. Rubiwin is part of the Redspher: a platform connecting
shippers with carriers.